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Emergency Dental Care from Dental Depot DFW

Dental emergencies can happen even with the best preventative care. Teeth may get knocked out or broken during practice, a tooth gradually begins throbbing in pain, or a mouth sore develops and just won’t go away. Whatever the problem is, whether it’s you or your child, you just want it to feel better.

An unexpected dental situation is the worst kind and can throw your plans into a tailspin. Is your family dentist open? Will you be able to get in? How far away will you have to drive? At Dental Depot, we understand the stress and strain of dental emergencies, and we know most don’t occur during normal business hours. Whether you are an existing patient or new to our practice, we strive to deliver the best in emergency care and treatment no matter what you’re facing or when it happens.

In most cases, we can see emergencies same-day, and all of our four DFW area locations are open on Saturdays. Depending on the type and extent of your injury, we will either begin your treatment as soon as possible or schedule you for a full appointment, such as in the event of an infection or abscess.

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Same-Day or Walk-In Emergency Dental Appointments

We accept walk-in and call-ahead emergency appointments, but please be aware that, because they must be added into an existing schedule, even same-day and emergency appointments will experience some wait time. Although we have several teams of dentists and dental hygienists, their schedule and pace of care are dependent on the number and types of services scheduled for that day.

However, rest assured that if you come in for emergency care, you will be seen by a dentist to determine the next course of action. Not only will our team do their best to schedule you an appointment with the shortest wait time possible, but they will be sure to keep you informed as to the anticipated wait time and comfortable in the meantime.

If you are a new patient, you will need to provide a state-issued photo ID and any insurance information (if applicable). Guardians will be required to provide an ID for a minor patient.

Nearly all dental emergencies can be remedied, and they are rarely life-threatening. Though injuries can be painful, there is no need to panic. Our team will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible, and you can take steps to manage the discomfort until you receive treatment.

For toothaches, soreness, or swelling resulting from an injury:

  • Apply a cold compress to minimize discomfort
  • Take a pain reliever if possible and avoid hard, crunchy, or chewy foods

For oral bleeding:

  • Place gauze inside the mouth to control the bleeding
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress

For a lost tooth:

  • Avoid touching the tooth by the roots
  • Store the tooth in a glass of milk or Save-A-Tooth solution (available at most drug or grocery stores) until you can get to the office

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies require immediate attention and you should be seen as soon as possible. If you are already a Dental Depot patient, call your regular location. If you are a new patient, call your nearest Dental Depot office. Be sure to follow your dentist’s guidance for care until you can make it to the office.


Infection or abscess – An abscess is a pocket of pus that has developed in the tooth and led to an infection. This can result in persistent toothache, sensitivity, swelling, and acute pain. If left untreated, the infection can spread from the abscessed tooth into the surrounding tissue.


Tooth loss – Tooth loss is a serious emergency and requires fast action to save the tooth. If you managed to rescue the tooth (or teeth) be sure to only touch it by the crown and never the root. Store the tooth in a glass of milk or Save-a-Tooth solution until you can make it to the dentist.


Facial Trauma – Severe pain and bleeding from the mouth, as well as swelling in the gums or around the face, are cause for concern and should be evaluated right away.

Urgent Dental Injuries

Urgent dental injuries pose little to no immediate threat to your health and can often wait until the first available appointment. Follow your dentist’s guidance for care until you are seen.


Cracked or chipped tooth – A cracked or chipped tooth can be very painful and, if left untreated, can progress into a fracture. A cold compress and a pain reliever can help minimize discomfort until your appointment.


Persistent Tooth and/or Mouth Pain – While tooth or mouth pain alone rarely constitutes an emergency, it can be uncomfortable. If you have persistent mouth or tooth pain that appears to be worsening or does not subside, schedule an appointment for as soon as possible. However, a toothache that throbs and radiates to the jaw, ear, or neck, or is accompanied by a fever or swollen lymph nodes in your neck is cause for concern, and your dentist should be notified immediately.


Filling or Crown that has come loose – A lost filling or crown is not necessarily an emergency, but it can cause pain and sensitivity in the exposed tooth tissue. If you can save the crown or filling, keep it in a safe place and bring it with you to the dentist. Be sure to keep the tooth as clean as possible in the meantime.

How to Prevent Dental Injury

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to dental injuries. While dental emergencies are unexpected and unavoidable, you can mitigate their likelihood and severity with a few simple precautions:

  1. Wear a mouthguard when playing sports.
  2. Do not use your teeth to open things like bags, lids, or cans.
  3. Do not use your teeth to carry things and do not run around with objects in your mouth.
  4. Practice basic oral hygiene and follow a healthy diet to ensure strong, healthy teeth.
  5. Keep bi-annual dental appointments to identify and prevent potential problems.

Whether it’s a routine cleaning or a dental emergency, Dental Depot is committed to delivering exceptional dental care for every member of your family. We staff a full team of dentists, oral surgeons, periodontal specialists, and orthodontists at our DFW area locations in DallasLewisvilleAubreyThe Colony, and Highland Village, ensuring all your needs are met in one convenient office. Use our Location Finder to find your nearest office and schedule an appointment today.


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