Pearly Whites

Many people are unhappy with the whiteness of their smile, and so they look to teeth whitening to bring back the sparkle they miss. Dental Depot offers two different types of whitening to fit your desires and schedule. Chairside whitening is an in office procedure that involves the application of prescription grade ingredients that can dramatically whiten a smile in a single appointment. Chairside whitening is ideal for people who are having their first whitening treatment or are looking for a quick result. Take-home treatments are perfect for someone who is looking for touch-ups, or who prefer to obtain a whiter smile gradually and in the comfort of their own home. Our take-home kits offer custom trays and clinical yet safe ingredients that are easily applied at home on a daily basis.

We Carry Brand Names

While we have our own options, we also carry a number of effective and notable brand-name treatments, such as Kor, Kor Max, Bleaching For Life, and Venus. We recommend talking with one of our dentists for assistance in choosing the perfect whitening method for your needs.

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