Unlike our bones, our teeth do not have the ability to restore and regenerate themselves naturally when damaged or broken. In many cases, Dental Depot can provide restorative procedures to help prevent further damage or deterioration and restore the damaged tooth to the healthiest, most natural-looking condition possible. Depending on the extent of the damage, a variety of options are available, including fillings, inlays and onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, and root canals.

The most important thing to remember when a tooth has been damaged or injured is to contact your Dental Depot office as soon as possible. We can work quickly to protect your overall dental health and avoid further damage, which can lead to more extensive repairs. We are here to help you restore your teeth as simply and quickly as possible.


A composite resin filling is used to restore a damaged tooth back to its original shape. At Dental Depot, fillings can be made with a variety of materials that can be matched to the color of your tooth.

Onlays and Inlays

In some cases, a procedure commonly referred to as “indirect fillings”, or onlays and inlays, may be used. Unlike traditional fillings, which are molded to your tooth during your dental visit, inlays and onlays are created in a lab first, then fitted and applied to your tooth at a later visit. When the repair is within the center of your tooth, it is referred to as an inlay. Repairs that require covering the points of the tooth or the entire biting surface are referred to as onlays.


When a tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent that it cannot be repaired with a filling, a crown can provide protection by fully “capping” the tooth. The team at Dental Depot can help restore your tooth to its natural shape and appearance with a variety of durable, natural-looking materials that are available today.


If a patient has lost an entire tooth or even more than one tooth, a bridge may be the best solution to fill the gap left between remaining teeth and prevent them from rotating or shifting. Made up of two or more crowns, a bridge is cemented to and supported by the biological teeth on each side.


Ceramic veneers are a popular and simple way to achieve a complete smile makeover. At Dental Depot, we use the highest quality materials to create veneers that are bonded over your natural teeth, concealing any misaligned, misshapen or damaged teeth. We work closely with dental laboratories to ensure the quality of every veneer – giving patients precision bonding that creates healthy, natural, and permanent results.

Root Canals

If the damage to your tooth has extended beyond the surface and reached the soft tissues inside, root canal treatment may be necessary. The first step in the procedure is to remove the diseased or inflamed tissue. It is imperative that all of the damaged tissue be removed during this step. Once this is complete, the root canals of the tooth are cleaned and sealed. Don’t let the description scare you, though; most times root canal treatment can be completed with little or no discomfort.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort and think you may have a damaged tooth, contact Dental Depot as soon as possible and let us give you a complete assessment to find the most effective solution for you and your smile. Dental problems will not simply go away – the sooner you let us know about it, the better we can care for your teeth for the long term!

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