Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient is different. We will go over your individual needs when you come in to the office.

We are open Monday through Saturday with convenient morning and afternoon hours. We’re sure we can find a time to accommodate your schedule.

Yes, we have several different payment options available and we will go over those when you come in for your appointment.

Our doctors have been providing great care to patients for over 35 years. You will love our doctors and team.

We have many options to make our patients more comfortable and we can discuss those when you come in the office.

Absolutely. We have great success with our whitening systems

Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives to remove surface stains and make your teeth appear a little whiter. While not actually bleaching your teeth, whitening toothpastes have polishing agents and special chemicals that are more effective than regular toothpastes against stains. Whitening toothpastes are ideal for coffee or tea drinkers, smokers and people who want to remove mild surface stains.

Our recommendations are that we start introducing children to dentist at age 1~2.  In some instances, it may be as simple as familiarizing a child with the dentist and starting things off with a “Happy” visit.  In other instances, the initial visit may consist of a routine cleaning.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the ball and socket joint that connects the lower jaw to the upper jaw. Muscles that open and close the mouth stabilize the temporomandibular joint. Pain or tenderness in these muscles due to wear and tear is referred to as a TMJ disorder.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a weak anesthetic that is very safe because it’s mild and non-addictive. After inhaling nitrous oxide, you remain fully conscious and aware. There are no side effects to speak of, but if you have any respiratory problems talk with your dentist before use..